How Property Owners Are Using Mobile Tech to Attract Residents

By Aimee Miller

Source: AppFolio

Savvy property managers use mobile technology to attract residents and build stronger relationships. It’s not just about first-time connections with prospects. Mobile tech advancements make it possible to engage prospective residents at virtually every touch point of the leasing experience – even after the move-in date comes and goes.

If you want to leverage mobile technology at maximum levels, start with the basics.

Build an infrastructure that supports diverse users – including compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices like tablets, smart phones, laptop computers and iPad technology. To get this part right, you’ll need to choose property management software and web host providers who deploy the newest technology and engage in ongoing upgrades to support all types of users and their digital machines.

Improved connectivity increases engagement and increased engagement leads to higher conversion rates.

Start the conversation with residents on the move. Texting leads about an open-house event or current rent specials while they’re in their cars or dining out is a great way to drive traffic to your property. Mobile ads, coupons and invites are popular marketing tools.

Continue the conversation with mobile leasing applications. Add online lease signing features that help you close the deal faster with almost immediate application review and approval policies.

Create memorable first impressions with video. Augmenting text content with video and audio is gaining popularity – and Google looks favorably on video added to blogs, FB posts and social media exchanges. To move up the index, consider posting vacancy snapshots and virtual property tours on your website.

With apps like Instagram’s Hyperlapse that let you create fun, informative video you’ll be able to show residents what’s great about your property. Pique curiosity or build credibility, the choice is yours. Whether you want to showcase new additions to your portfolio or document a day in the life of your community, sharable content expands your marketing reach.

Fostering relationship building by increasing workflow efficiency.Integrating mobile apps for annual inspections keeps maintenance staff organized and frees up office personnel to devote more face time to onsite property tours and other engagement activities.

Combine texting and portals. Market your property as a technology rich community. Make rent payment simple and available and you’ll most likely see a drop in late payments. Text reminders, supported by mobile access to online resident portals, encourage residents to make their rent payments promptly.

Text can also help you follow up with past applicants and wait-list clients when vacancies hit available status. Here’s why:

  • Text is more popular than voice calls.
  • 9 out of 10 text recipients read the message within 3 minutes.
  • Almost 100% of text messages are read – only 1% are ignored or deleted unopened.

Improve customer experience with behind the scenes mobile technology.Perhaps the best strategy for attracting high caliber residents to your property is addressing what goes on behind the scenes.

Whether you’re using mobile apps that improve time management or incorporating a BYOD policy to keep your staff connected, give your team the technology tools they need to outshine the competition.

Mobile technology reduces costs, improves communication and enables increased productivity. A solid marketing plan and a well-oiled property management machine will naturally attract – and retain – more qualified residents. Have you had a good or bad experience with mobile technology on your property? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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