How Property Managers Can Face the Challenge of Scale Head-On

By Elizabeth Millar

Source: Appfolio

Have you found yourself struggling to scale your processes with your changing business? You’re not alone. What methods you had in place for your business even five years ago, may no longer be working with the state your business is in today. Find out how Patrick Bain, President of Long & Foster, was able to tackle the challenge of scale and set his company up for success no matter what the future holds.

Scaling Processes For A Changing Property Management Business

Long & Foster Property Management is a large real estate company owned by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, they manage more than 7,500 units and is the largest property manager of single-family homes in the Mid-Atlantic region. They desired to scale every process and transaction within their property management system due to the size of their portfolio. When managing thousands of units, it’s counter-productive to have various ways of accomplishing the same tasks. They were looking for a simple, easy-to-replicate process, so they turned to AppFolio Property Manager PLUS. According to Patrick, “When I look to the future of the industry, I know we can only get where we want to go with AppFolio Property Manager PLUS.”

Switching to AppFolio Property Manager PLUS

In speaking with Patrick, we found that the biggest reason they decided to make a software partner switch was to solve their challenge of scale. In Patrick’s own words, here is what he found with AppFolio:

To maintain a high standard of service, we also need to have reliable and repeatable processes for our teams. Whether it be maintenance work orders or the marketing and leasing flow, we’re designing scalable workflows within the product, and efficiently running our business. For example, today we process more than 1,000 work orders a month easily through AppFolio. I am confident that as we continue to grow, even if we’re managing 5-10,000 work orders a month, our processes will allow us to do the work with very little impact on our customers’ experience.

Long & Foster’s vision for the future is to change the single-family property management space and become innovators as traditional property management transitions into asset management. To deliver on the true value of asset management, property management companies will have to partner closely with software providers to create memorable, modern customer experiences. Patrick believes AppFolio is the future of the property management industry.

Find a Technology Partner That Understands Your Business

When it comes to the technology that runs your business, it’s critical to not only get the features you’re looking for, but also a true partnership that will support you through the years. Take it from Patrick, “I would recommend AppFolio to any property management company, regardless of the size of their portfolio. If it’s a small company that wants to grow, AppFolio has the tools and the team to help that company grow. And if it’s a big company, that wants to get bigger, AppFolio has the strategy in place to be the top software provider in the property management space.”

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