When managing a property or complex we are very familiar with the rules and regulations. When listing with us we know all the answers to many questions the buyer may have. Listing with us saves several steps and the process is handled much more smoothly by keeping it in house. In addition, we handle closings at our office and take care of all the paperwork and logistics for our clients.

At Worth Property Management, we are experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Other property managers simply do not know the all of the answers and have to call us.

Real Estate Management Services:

Revenue Enhancement

Worth will successfully control and enhance your assets by maximizing rental income, controlling expenditures, and preventing maintenance issues.


Worth’s computerized accounting system provides all the reports you need, including, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, disbursement journal, and monthly receipt audit.


Worth provides monthly management reports include a rent roll, income and expense statement, and capital improvement budget.

Property Consulting

On a regular basis, Worth will conduct a physical inspection of the premises and provide reports with repair and maintenance recommendations, as well as, purchase cost factors.

Contract Services

Contract Bidding and Evaluation, Scheduling of contract repairs and improvements, complete supervision of work in progress, and final inspection.

Tenant Relations

Worth fosters good owner-tenant relationships. We screen all new applicants, initiate and supervise eviction from start to finish, and experienced conflict resolution.

Lease Signing

Worth will prepare leases for owner and can represent owner at lease signing.

Pre-Development Consulting

We can provide verification of compliance with governmental codes.


Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales

No transaction is the same. With over 50 years of experience in real estate brokerage, Worth will handle every deal with personal attention. Our teams have the expert knowledge of the market, economy, and the region that allows us to help you find the perfect home, office, store or investment. Here at Worth we understand real estate deals are becoming more complex and our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you, whether it is a lease, sale or expansion.

24/7/365 Emergency Response

Worth can handle any problem that may arise and will contact you with a detailed report as soon as possible. Remember, we’re always here and you can always trust our judgment with tough decisions.

Co-op & Condo Property Management

For Cooperative clients, Worth Property Management will work for the Board of Directors to ensure all objectives are met, preventative maintenance is scheduled, oversight of employees and any shareholder issues are tended to quickly.
For Condominium clients, Worth Property Management ensures that the Condo is operating correctly within the budgetary and operational framework provided by the Board of Managers. In additions, we ensure that all city, state and federal rules and laws are complied with and that all Unit Owners are responded to on all emergency and non-emergency issues.

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