Maintenance and repairs on rental properties

By Christopher Berkompas

Source: Manage My Property

A big part of a property manager’s responsibility is to oversee the ongoing maintenance of the properties they manage. This includes things like getting bids, making recommendations to owners, overseeing the work, and resolving complaints when services are not performed properly.

They typically are well connected with licensed, bonded and insured contractors who have been vetted for good pricing and work that is up to code. This built in network of contractors is one of the significant advantages of working with a property management company. Landlords who choose to self-manage may go through multiple contractors before they find one who shows up on time, does quality work and charges a fair price.

The formation of a preventative maintenance program is also one of the other significant a management firm can provide. This will insure that repair needs are addressed earl y on while they are small, and inexpensive, rather than neglecting repair needs and waiting till they become larger more costly issues.

Working with the right property management company can be a strategic move for many landlords. Keep reading for a list of questions for property management companies about how they perform maintenance and repairs.

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