Single Family Property Management: Charting a Path for the Future

Source: Property Ware

RealWorld 2019, to be held July 21-23 in Orlando, is where single family property management businesses come together. Owners and operators get advice, insights and hands-on experience to chart a path for the future.

The first time Real Property Management Tidewater CEO Brandon Reed attended RealWorld, he quickly experienced the industry’s camaraderie.

“It was really eye-opening to sit down with other property managers,” he said on a recent Propertyware webcast. “I was under the impression that it was this cut-throat business, nobody was going to share anything. What I learned was that we’re all in it together. You come back just feeling, ‘wow!’ and inspired.”

While offering an overview of the rental housing industry and technical expertise on Propertyware, RealWorld has a network-friendly setting that enables property managers and owners to share and discover.

Insights from top industry executives

In the single family track at RealWorld, a number of Propertyware customers will share their successes and provide recommendations on how to better manage day-to-day operations from accounting to leasing and marketing.

Organizers anticipate that the single family general session on July 22 will be a must-see. It will set the stage for a full lineup of informational opportunities designed to help operators position themselves to grow their businesses over the next several years.  CEO’s and industry experts will frankly discuss the latest single family rental market trends and their strategies and models for growth.

“This is a huge opportunity to learn,” Kaplan said. “It’s about networking, fine-tuning skills from a training perspective, getting help with your business and learning about trends in the market.”

Some key takeaways of the general session include how operators are using the software to add new revenue streams and drive success in property management.

Educational sessions to support business goals

Following the general session, attendees will have access to a full suite of sessions offering a holistic view of single family operations. These are designed for everyone from hands-on property managers to owners and investors. Propertyware Industry Principal Barbara Kaplan expects this year’s, “Maintain Your Worth – Generate Revenue and Value in Both Hot and Softening Real Estate Markets,” to draw big crowds.

In “Unlock Business Success Using Workflows, APIs and Partners,” a customer panel will offer valuable insights on using Propertyware’s new two-way API to automate internal and external systems and extending property management services to achieve goals.

Discussions will include topics like understanding the benefits of third-party integrations and discovering revenue opportunities from referral partnerships using the software.

Driving business using automated processes through customizations

RealWorld will also feature “Quick Tips to Hit Your Targets Using Propertyware Customizations and Reports.” The fast-paced session has quick tips to help Propertyware users automate processes through customizations and reports to drive business success. Users can learn how to use custom fields and reports to track anything.

“Attending RealWorld is going to help you grow your business,” Kaplan said.

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