Using Tech Platforms to Save Time in Commercial Real Estate

By Ryan Vinco

Source: Patch

It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial property manager, broker, or agent; everyone is busy! However, this rings especially true for those in the commercial real estate industry. There are always meetings to attend, deals to track, and requests from tenants that need your attention. It’s easy to feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week.

Often times when you are feeling like this it may be due, in part, to the fact that instead of accomplishing the work you are spending time trying to navigate how you’re actually going to get everything done. That is where technology can step in and help you to alleviate this common challenge that people in commercial real estate face.

The first thing to do is find a way to keep your information accessible while also being organized. It wastes more time than you think to go through spreadsheets and multiple databases looking for a specific thing. If you’re dealing with actual paperwork in filing cabinets, double that time! Luckily, there are great systems for storing and having access to your information.

There are tech platforms, such as Honest Buildings that automate many of the smaller tasks draining your time. For help with things such as status updates, distributing documents, leveling bids, and managing communication with your team, consider using this technology. Honest Buildings is a reporting, project cost tracking, and bid management technology platform helping owners and companies to manage projects efficiently. Aside from this company, there are a plethora of others doing the same thing being created every day!

It’s a true game changer to have tenant information, building data, and floor plans all stored in the same place. At any given time you can conduct a simple search and find just what you’re looking for. This platform also allows you to download and share information much faster. Eliminating that extra time locating files will free up your schedule for more important things.

Another simple, but often overlooked time-saving strategy is to set up automation of whatever work you can. If you spend a significant part of every day doing the same manual tasks, find out if you can put some of it onto a tech platform that can automate certain things. Tedious daily reports or tenant requests can be handled through these handy tools, made specifically for the commercial real estate industry.

Lastly, are you prioritizing clearly, or do you feel that there are often expected tasks or distractions? A commercial real estate tech platform will help you to set clear parameters of what must be done and when. These systems can sync all of your data onto a dashboard and allow you to stay up to date and be alerted when necessary.

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