What Is a Commercial Building? Insight into How to Maintain a Commercial Building

By RJ Frometa

Source: Vents Magazine

Just what is a commercial building?

If you’re asking this question, you’re probably interested in investing in real estate. Or you want to start a business that involves working on commercial buildings. Or you want to become a property management professional.

Regardless of your specific motivations, we are here to shed more light on this type of building. However, our insight will be more focused on the maintenance aspect.

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What Is a Commercial Building?

A commercial building is used for commercial purposes. There are building codes regulating the use of buildings, so a commercial building is strictly used for commercial activities.

A common example of a commercial building is an office complex in urban locations. Others include warehouses (both industrial and retail), malls, and brick and mortar stores.

In most local jurisdictions across the United States, a commercial building must be located in a commercial zone. However, this isn’t always the case.

It’s possible to find a commercial building that doesn’t have the typical look of a commercial building in a residential area. Think of businesses such as daycare centers, which operate legally in residential areas. The same goes for home-based businesses.

How to Maintain a Commercial Property

Now that you know what a commercial property looks like, it’s time to focus on how to maintain it. Regular maintenance helps improve the building’s safety, making it attractive for tenants and other users. Well-maintained buildings also have lower long-term repair costs.

Develop a Maintenance Schedule

If you own or are in charge of a commercial building, the first thing you should do is develop a maintenance schedule. This fleshes out how often various parts of the building will need to go under maintenance.

Of course, you need to have property management expertise to develop a sound maintenance schedule. If you don’t, outsource the task to the right professional.

Address Issues Immediately

While having and sticking to a maintenance schedule goes a long way, issues will still arise in between maintenance cycles. When this happens, it’s easy to keep the issue on hold until the date of the next round of maintenance. Don’t do this.

When an issue arises, address it immediately. If there’s an issue with the power system, for example, you need to look into it immediately, even if you might have power backup options. Call in a company that does electrical repair for business to fix the issue.

Ignoring a problem or thinking it isn’t urgent can lead to disastrous outcomes. Besides potentially worsening the issue, you’ll be putting people’s health and lives at risk.

Hire a Full-time Maintenance Contractor

As a building owner or manager, you probably have a lot on your plate. You probably also don’t have the right expertise to maintain a commercial building.

Instead of juggling these tasks with your other duties, it’s advisable to hire a full-time maintenance contractor. This way, you’ll rest assured the property’s maintenance needs are in the hands of a professional.

Keep Your Commercial Property in Perfect Condition

If you were asking “what is a commercial building?” you now know the answer. If you’re planning to own one or already do, or you want to be a property manager, you also now know how to maintain a commercial building.

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